10 things that women need to know about men

What does it mean to know about men in order to build a normal relationship with them?

How often do you think why men are so complex in their essence?

But it’s no secret that they think the same about women.

Perhaps this is because we spend too much time trying to understand each other. But it would be more efficient to spend it on studying each other. Many may think that the difference here is small. I assure you this is not so.

We talk too much about each other, but it’s better to talk to each other.

Do you feel the difference?10 things that women need to know about men

But, even if there are such conversations in a couple, they often turn into monologues from the female side.

How to find out what men want?

It so happened that men are more secretive than women. It is much harder for us to reveal ourselves and talk about our feelings. That’s why many women, even in their entire lives, can not understand what men want .

The truth is that there are no supernatural desires for men. It is unequivocal that they all want to be the best in what they do, get recognition for this and realize themselves in the society. A woman wants to be just happy.

To help find a solution for both sides, in this article I’ll tell you what women need to know about men . This will allow you to understand what men want in a relationship. And why they need a woman.

The following 10 facts about us may seem to you quite unexpected and, possibly, even incredible.

The reason for this is that we do not often talk about such things. After all, it seems to us that this is itself implied.

In fact, we are quite simple

This is the first thing you need to know about men .
Every time you start fantasizing, trying to imagine what a man wants , return to that thought. Do not complicate everything. It’s pretty simple.

The main thing that a man wants in a relationship is to make his woman happy. To please her. Wear on hands. Give flowers. Watch her sincere emotions at such moments. Understand that it is he who causes all this. And it fills it.

We want to be defenders

An important point that you need to know about men : this need has been laid down in our DNA for millennia. It awakens in us even in early childhood. We want to be boys as knights in shining armor and superheroes, saving girls from the yard from neighbor hooligans.

When we grow up, this desire remains. But now it is no longer expressed in physical defense, but in material protection. For example, when you want a new dress. When you’re sick. When you break a fingernail. When you are afraid or something bothers you.

Do so that you always feel completely safe. Therefore, if you want to make a man a compliment, say that you feel close to him in safety. And you will notice how he will immediately be inspired, and in his eyes a light will light up.

We do not want to see a lot of makeup on the female face

Every man can appreciate a good make-up. Undoubtedly, if the makeup is applied skillfully and, most importantly, in moderation, it looks beautiful. But a lot of women are clearly overdoing this.

Well, who said that a lot of make-up is good? At least one man said that you need to paint more?

Many layers of expensive cosmetics on the face of a woman – this is not what men want . It is important for us that a woman attracts, but at the same time remained herself, and not like Barbie. We need real, “live” women.

We also really like to wake up early and watch how sweet the sweetheart sleeps nearby. How she wakes up. How gently he gets out of bed in a beautiful T-shirt and shorts, acting as pajamas. As he tries to fight the tangled hair over night.

Agree that in such morning moments a woman is clearly far from the ideal of beauty. But still we like it. Because awakening from sleep is one of the few moments when we can see it “real” and so fragile, defenseless, tender.

Sometimes we really do not know what we want

This is another point that women need to know about men . Yes, we also have periods of uncertainty. And yes, we too can doubt.

  • – Dear, do you want children?
  • – If yes, how much? Two, three?
  • – Where would you like us to live in 10 years?
  • “How many rooms will there be in the house we will build?”
  • “What color is the back door of our house?”

For women, such questions are quite natural. Such trifles are usually thought out from adolescence. And this is normal. And it’s normal that men often do not think about it. Yes, we do not care what color the door is. The main thing is that it should be a good one … with a reliable lock.

Lay out everything in advance on the shelves – not what men want .

Yes, we can plan. But usually this applies to more serious things. Where to go to study. Where to prove yourself: business, work. How much money to earn to provide for your future family.

But all this is semi-abstract

Yes, we have goals, dreams and ambitions. But we do not know how things will go in the future. We know for certain that we want a loved woman to be around, who will support and recognize in each of us her man.

Therefore, if you can not find out what a man wants , do not push him. He just has not decided yet. Or in the process of setting goals. Everything has its time.

We are not going to deceive you

Everyone lies. There are no ideal men and women in this regard.
What else do women need to know about men? The fact that we all want to deceive you purposefully is a widespread but erroneous opinion.

Why does a man lie

Yes, it often happens that men lie. We do this because we want our beloved to be happy. It would seem that this sounds somewhat paradoxical. But this is a fact.

It all starts with little things like:

  • – Darling, I think I need to lose some weight …
  • – Did you like yesterday’s performance in the theater?
  • – You do not mind if Tanya and Sasha come to dinner with us?

Think for yourself, what will be your reaction if he answers:

  • – Yes, you need to lose weight!
  • – No, I did not like it!
  • – I’m against, I do not want to talk to them!

Correctly – such answers will be heard at least insulting. And he understands this. Therefore, he begins to deceive and say:

  • – No, I like you and so you have a beautiful figure.
  • – Yes, the performance was wonderful.
  • – Of course, let them come. I missed them so much!

With this, it all begins. First he does it not to offend you. And then it just becomes a habit. And you do not have time to look back, as he already had a lot of lies. Although initially I did not want anything wrong. After all, he believes that he is doing what he should.

Lying your beloved is not what men want . But we can do it not to upset her.
I’m not saying that all the blame falls on women. I’m trying to say that the reason for this may be your reaction to his truthful words.

Remember how you reacted to his truth before? Offended? Crying? Leaving? Therefore, he changes his tactics of communication to a one that will be better for you. From his point of view.

Besides, remember yourself. Have you never acted the same way in relation to your beloved?

If you do not discuss these points in the early stages of the relationship, the lies will in any case be manifested and will only accumulate with each passing year.

This is about lying in general. If it’s deception in the form of relations with other women behind your back, then this is a completely different situation, which we previously considered in the article ” Why a man changes ” .

We do not like it when women mention their former

It’s all very simple: next to your man, you should not talk about past relationships.
My advice: forget about past relationships when you have new ones. Remove all phones and contacts. Just erase from life.

We do not like it when they start comparing us to other men. Especially with those who have previously visited your life.

Information of this kind is not at all what a man needs to know . Talking about the former does not exactly help build a long-term relationship.

If it interests him, it means that you gave an occasion to show interest to your past earlier.

One of the recently published articles we have talked about called “Meditation: breaking past ties” will help you get rid of past emotional dependencies, if suddenly they have a place to be.

Sometimes we do not mean what we say

It happens that “wrong” words fly out of the male mouth by themselves. Words that can offend and even seriously injure. Yes, we too can be impulsive. Succumb to emotions. To be angry. At such times, not everyone is able to control himself.

Do not rush to conclusions. Do not respond the same way. Give him a little time to cool down. Very soon he will understand how offensive they sounded. And if to offend you – not what a man wants , he will immediately try to explain himself.

If he says that he did not mean what he said, it means that it is. Do not cling to the “reservations on Freud.” Just trust his explanations. And good advice – just learn to believe your man by default. If he is worthy of such faith.

We love when the head of the beloved is on our shoulder

This is another undeniable fact that women need to know about men.

Wherever you are with him – in bed, in a bus, in a movie theater – often rest on his shoulder. The feeling that your shoulder serves as a support for your beloved is akin to the male need to protect it.

Be necessary – that’s what men want . All. Without exception.

We express our love in different ways

To once again do not wind it yourself, you need to know about the men one more feature. Unlike women, we do not need to speak and hear every day in response to “I love you!”. There are other ways to say about your feelings to a man.

Many of us think that we do not need to talk about our feelings at all. If we associate our life with a woman, this already means that we consider her beautiful, sexy, smart, fun and so on. Otherwise, why waste your time on it? If he invests in you time (and, probably, money), then it already speaks about his feelings.

We need to know what we appreciate

No, I’m not talking about that for every action a man has to respond with praise. Just tell him from time to time how proud you are of him and how important to you is what he does.

So we come to understand that we are appreciated. But this is exactly what men want from their women.

Once again, briefly about the main

As men, we always try to do so much for our women as soon as possible. And we understand that women in our lives exert the same effort, and maybe even more.

We want to be good boyfriends, husbands, fathers and sons. And for us it is important that the people we care about are proud of us. Especially, our second half.

Very few of us often talk about this out loud.
Many – never.

And these are exactly the things that women need to know about men in order to understand them. I hope, now you will be able to perceive men exactly as they are.


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