10+ things that makes a real man!

I know what you want – that next to you was the best man . And when you start dating a man, you believe that it’s HE. But you can not be sure.

And spend time on the next – do not want to. So I decided to tell you what qualities a man should pay attention to right away.

A beautiful body and an expensive car is good, but that’s not all. Watch how your partner behaves. And then compare your observations with what I’ll tell you in this article.

Here I’ll write about how a real man behaves , what qualities a man , you should pay attention to immediately determine whether you should continue the relationship or not.

I’m sure that in your life there was a man who made your heart pounding in your chest – that’s how your body reacted to him. But sometimes what your body wants and what is really good for you are completely different things.10+ things that makes a real man!

Often, especially at the beginning of a relationship, we attach much importance to sexual compatibility. But this is only one component of a successful relationship.

It happens between people that such “chemistry” occurs, as before the explosion is near – in the literal sense.

But do not think that if you want to attack a man every time he is near – he is your ideal choice. The ideal partner is a mixture of the best friend with a wonderful lover.

At first glance, everything is very simple. But this is only at first glance. If everything were really so simple, then all marriages would be happy.

And that your relationship had a chance to get into the number of happy and even turn into a marriage, I wrote this list of qualities of a man. They may not seem very important to you at first, but then you will definitely appreciate them.

And remember, the man you choose will need you to be there to take care of you and support in difficult and not very life situations. Make sure that he is ready for this, and will be able to give what you really need for a happy life.

So, what should a real man be like?

1. He does not control everything and always

A man should be able to take responsibility, but not control everything and always. If he is used to keeping everything under control, he will never let him go. He probably loves everything to be as he wants. And only so. With him you will find it difficult to get along.

Carefully take a closer look at this important moment, because at the beginning of the relationship you may even be pleased that a man often and confidently makes decisions. But do not confuse care and masculinity with constant control.

2. He is not a mama’s son

Of course, your man should respect his mother and have good relations with her. But if he can not take any serious decision, without consulting with Mom – your relationship will not be happy.

A man and a woman build a relationship, first of all, for the two of them. Mama’s son will not be able to build such a relationship. The obstacle to all will be one simple question: “And what about this will tell my mother?”

3. He is polite, but able to tell the truth

A man should be kind to you, but he should not answer all your questions: “Yes.” Being honest with another person is sometimes very difficult, but in a relationship it is necessary. If you ask if you do not look fat in these jeans, it’s better to say “No”. But if you ask him to go to your boss and send him away, because he somehow “did not really” joke this morning, it’s better to have a man next to you who will calm you and explain that this is not the most correct way out Of the situation.

4. It allows you to develop

The man with whom you are near, should discover the best in you. And that does not mean that you’ll just feel good next to him. He will push you to steps that you would not be able to do without his support and faith. Such a man will believe that you are capable of more, and gently push you to manifest all your talents.

5. He communicates with worthy, strong and pleasant men

In the beginning of a relationship, you can not pay attention to it. But when you start spending more time together – you have to somehow interact with his friends. Here there are options:

  • A) you can rest together;
  • B) he can meet with them without you.

Regardless of which option you choose, it is still important for you to understand what kind of friends he has. For example, the circle of your man’s communication: three times divorced, an inveterate bachelor and a pick-up. Immediately think about the impact they will have on him. And if you think that his friends are not important, think again.

6. He is motivated

This is the quality that should definitely be in a worthy man. People usually do not change. If you hope that today he is sitting with a beer on the couch, and tomorrow he will get up and do something that will bring him a million – do not trust. Do not get up and do not. If he really wanted to earn a million, he already did something for this. And yesterday, too.

7. He has his own opinion, but he is not stubborn

Your man should have his own opinion and know what he wants. A man who asked a question, for example: “What do you want to do today?” Each time he answers: “I do not care what you want” – you will get tired very quickly. After all, such people do not know how to become attached to anything in life, and you will not get attached to it either.

8. He is ready to be a patron

To patronize is not the same thing as controlling. The patron is a man who is always ready to help you, protect and support you. He will intercede for you at the right time and close you with your back when you need it.

9. He cares about your emotions

Many men are not able to withstand women’s emotions. But the one with whom you plan to survive both good and bad moments of life, should be able to cope with your emotions. He should not downplay them or make you feel too emotional. Even if you and such – your man should treat this calmly and be able to comfort you.

10. He can express his feelings

If a man does not know how to talk about his feelings, then this is unlikely to change.

About the weather, nature and a favorite movie you can talk to anyone. But with your man, you should be able to talk about feelings, without embarrassment and awkward silence in return.

11. He can become part of your family

You know that when you marry a man, do you marry his whole family? And vice versa. If you already can not stay with his family for a long time, just wait until you need to spend holidays and weekends with them. Then you can argue enough with whose parents you must go, and whose visit is optional.

12. He knows how to compromise when it is necessary

Find a unselfish man is not only difficult, but absolutely necessary for creating a happy union. Many men want what they want and nothing else. But being a couple means being able to yield. And both partners should do this.

13. He loves you dearly

Most of all, you want to meet a person who will consider you the best that happened to him in life.

And you deserve the best man next to you, who will see in you that amazing woman that you really are or are striving to become.

These are the qualities of a man that I advise you, my dear, to pay attention to.

I know for sure that you can attract such a man in your life: caring, loving, reliable.

I know that you are ready to change and develop like a woman, because only then can you achieve your goal – to become happy and make your man happy.


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