10 Things That a Real Man Will Never Do

Each article on how a man should and how should not behave causes a storm of responses on the Internet.

Outraged readers answer that all this is too idealized and in our time gentlemen’s standards are no longer relevant.

But let’s face it: a real man always adheres to certain principles and rules.

If you do not see the behavior of a mature, balanced and emotionally stable man from your partner, do not deceive yourself – this means that you are not meeting with that man.10 Things That a Real Man Will Never Do

Here are some examples of behavior that, without seeing which, you should collect things and run in the opposite direction.

1. A good man does not criticize your appearance

“Ah, if your hair were longer”, “If you lost a few pounds ,” “If you were more / less beautiful.” A good man will never speak out about your appearance in such a way as to upset you.

If he does this, then, intentionally trying to understate your self-esteem, so that you do not feel confident enough and do not leave from it. This is a way to control you, and this is emotional abuse. Leave him. Immediately.

2. A good man will never break your personal space

In healthy relationships, partners do not need to hide anything. Messages, emails, contacts in social networks – anything.

However, this does not mean that your partner has the right to read your personal correspondence when he pleases. A person who does this shows an insecurity in himself or simply projects his inclination toward betrayal on you. This characteristic can not be ignored.

Note: This rule is valid only if you have not done anything that could arouse his suspicions, and did not betray his trust.

3. A good man will never undermine your self-confidence

A sign of self- confidence is the support of the ambitions of other people.

A good man always willingly will help and support the people around him and will never sink to insults and humiliations.

4. A good man recognizes your value, he will not force you to prove it

Once you feel that you need to prove your value to the partner, you should end this relationship.

Your second half should be with you, because she values ​​and respects you, and does not force you to prove anything.

5. A good man will not let you feel that you are in the background

Although the relationship should not replace all other spheres of life, it is still a significant part of it. Often you can hear the stories of women, who forgot about it for the sake of “evening with friends” or similar events.

Of course, a man should have his own connections and personal life. But there is a difference between an active social life and the exclusion of a woman from the list of priorities.

If you understand that you are waiting for him more than you spend with him, it’s worth thinking about your relationship.

6. A good man will not make you feel alone

Relationships are partnerships. Teamwork. A two-way street. They should improve your life, and not complicate it. If you are with a man who is passive in life and does nothing for you and your relationship, then it’s time to reevaluate the situation. It is worth remembering that people sometimes tend to lose motivation and become depressed.

If you are a long time with a man, do not immediately rip your relationship at the first emotional decline.

We all go through them. And if a person has always behaved indifferently, as if he does not care about you, you should end such a relationship. You deserve someone who wakes up every morning with the desire to do something for you.

7. A good man will never change you

There is an opinion that monogamy is not natural for a person and we can not spend our whole life with one partner. Despite the scientific value of this theory, do not forget about another fact: monogamy is a choice that two people make when entering into a relationship.

You have nothing to do with this decision. A good man will never change, because it means breaking a promise to a loved one.

8. A good man will never show disrespect to you

The obvious, simple and basic rule, about which is often overlooked. A good man respects everyone who surrounds him.

He will not humiliate and scoff at people, regardless of their intellect and official position. Remember that a harmonious person is not afraid of equality.

9. A good man will not avoid important conversations

A real man understands that it is impossible to solve a problem without meeting her face to face – both in relationships and in the family.

Avoiding difficulties is an attempt to avoid the inevitable, which only complicates things. Do not confuse such cowardice with the desire to avoid conflicts in general. A real man always knows when to solve a problem, and when to avoid a quarrel.

A real man always knows when to solve a problem, and when to avoid a quarrel.

10. A good man will never abuse you

There are many types of violence, it can be not only physical, and not only in relationships. Some can offend children and animals, as well as close people. And yet these people have one thing in common.

They want to break another person. A good man realizes that his confidence and value depends only on him, and does not try to belittle others. With signs of any type of violence, run, do not hesitate. The situation will not improve, and you definitely deserve better.

We must stop looking for excuses for those who are not good to us.

It is necessary to eradicate tolerance in this kind of things.

Any self-respecting person will treat you with the love and sympathy that you deserve.

If your partner does not do that, then why stay with him?


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