10 Things A Man Know About Your Love

How often do you think that you give him all of yourself, but he does not reciprocate ? How does the psychology of men work in this case? Maybe he loves you less than you love him? Or does not like …

Why does it sometimes close in its “shell,” and you can not reach it?

I’m sure that these questions torment you quite often. I’ll tell you a small, but very important truth – you just do not show your love in that way!

Psychology of men – actions are more important than words

You’ve heard more than once that men and women are creatures from different planets: your man is from Mars, you are from Venus.10 Things A Man Know About Your Love

That you act impulsively, and he likes to analyze his actions. What is important to him is visual contact, and for you – verbal.

You put all your feelings into the phrase “I love you,” but these three words may not be so important to him.

So I suggest you find out what the man wants from you actually. You will understand how to show that you love a man in such a way that he really appreciates it.

These are small acts of ” love ” that will emphasize your concern for it.

And you will understand why they are more important to your man than words.

Give him your attention

Noticing that you spent the whole evening (he solved his questions about ” capturing the planet ” for today and was able to allocate time for you!) You spend in conversations with your friends on the phone, he interprets this as “I’m not important to her”, “She does not appreciate My efforts ” .

The male brain is designed to perform only one function at a time. Women function differently (do not you know about your multitasking!). In the evening, when he can give you attention, he will appreciate if you learn to focus on it. Male psychology understands this as “You are more important to me. I understand the value of time with you. I love you . ”

Prepare his favorite food

You know the old adage: “The way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach”? So, in these words, however trivial, the truth is laid.

How well you know what a man wants for dinner (without asking him every time about it), demonstrates your knowledge about him. And really – couples who know many small details about each other, are the happiest in marriage .

And one more very important point about which you should know. Offer your man only the best food that you can prepare for him.

He earns money, provides a family with a view to giving the best that he can at the moment. Give him back this best in the form of a quality, healthy, healthy food. Buy for him the best piece of meat (let it be more expensive!), Cook the best fish, make fragrant and delicious food from the freshest cottage cheese.

So he will see how much you appreciate his efforts, and with gratitude will accept such a manifestation of love for him.

Wear clothes in which you are attractive to him

It does not matter how long you are already together. After all, this is not a reason to walk in front of his man in a dressing gown and wear curlers on his head. If your wardrobe has a lot of worn pants, stretched shirts, sportswheel – throw them away.

We, men, are not interested in spending evenings with “a friend on the gym ” . And then do not be sad: why he sees a friend in me, pays little attention, does not notice as a woman. Of course, because you are in this form, well, very unlike a desired woman. It is very important that you always want to look good for him .

Male brain reacts more to visual signals than female brain. Noticing you in a beautiful dress, a new underwear, an elegant suit, he will appreciate your desire to be visually pleasing and feminine for him.

Instinctively, a man will see in you a woman who wants to please, protect, love. With whom I want to build long-term relationships . This is how male psychology works.

Take care of yourself

Avoiding stress, proper nutrition, exercise, caring for your body – all this may sound like a call to a healthy lifestyle, but it is also a way to show him your love .

The psychology of men is designed in such a way that they will perceive this as a kind of message: “I take care of myself, I want to be the best for you, give birth to healthy children, I want to live happily with you and try to do everything possible to protect you from a painful experience Loss of a loved one. ”

What other motivation may be needed in order to be healthy?

Do him compliments

Since ancient times, men have had to fight to provide women with protection and security. Today, the need to show such protection has partially disappeared physically. But nothing has changed in the world of material survival. Just weapons are different.

So try to convey to your man the way you see him : a defender, able to solve any problems, a jack-of-all-trades, a stallion and a champion, magnificent and cleverest.

Sincere compliments about his appearance and strength will confirm that you admire him. And this he equates to love. That’s really what a man wants !

After he easily opens a jar of jam, mention how happy you are that you are in the company of such a strong man. Outline this as one of the reasons why you chose him among others.

Give him time to rest

Women do not hesitate to allocate time for themselves. Men also need personal time and space. Do not forget to offer him sometimes to spend a day relaxing in a company of friends, fishing, hunting, cycling or just for sleeping.

The psychology of men is designed so that he will perceive these carefree periods as a reward that is a manifestation of your love and understanding of his needs.

Ask him for permission and be interested in the opinion

Your man wants to be an important part of your world. This is how men’s psychology works . After all, in the first place he is experienced and able to solve any problems , and only then – your lover.

Find out his opinion on how best to act in an important situation for both of you (not by trifles: what curtains to choose ?! or vases for your flowers – for a man this is not important). So you show your trust and the value of his opinion for you.

Learn to ask permission from a man. Whether it’s a get-together with girlfriends, buying a dress, business trip. So he will feel your loyalty to him, and this is the best sign of love for a man.

Thank him for every little thing

One of my friends, a businessman, always speaks with such admiration of his wife, that I decided to go to her social networking page, to ask how she is so incredible. And what I saw, I was pleasantly surprised. This was the first photo in her news line, in which she (in a beautiful dress, well-groomed) hugged her man. And above the photo comment: ” Dear, thank you for our most wonderful and happy life!”

What do you think her husband felt at the moment when he saw the post. I am the best!)

Try to express your gratitude more often. Even if what he has done seems to you a completely unimportant trifle. For example, when your man goes for food or takes out the garbage.

You are in a hurry all your life, you forget to pay attention to the things he has done and as a result you absolutely do not know what your man wants . But he also has feelings.

So often say “This is really important to me. Thank you for that . ” Thanks to him, you remind of your feelings and fill your relationship with positive energy.

Hug him more often

Instead of an easy kiss before you run out the door, choose a long hug. Women make contact verbally, men do it through touch.

Embrace for at least seven seconds. It may seem that this is a long time. But that’s the time he needs for these embraces to become something important for him. This is male psychology !

Give him sex

This is one of the basic needs of a man in a relationship with a woman. If a woman does not satisfy this need, he will look for it on the side. In such situations, the question may arise, why does a man change ? But one of the reasons why …

Yes, now everyone is tired and there is not always time for sex. So do it when you have the opportunity .

While a woman needs to increase the level of oxytocin in her blood (most of all is produced in the “hugging ” phase after sex), men get pleasure when the level of dopamine rises. This chemical is produced in the process of sex. You in fact for a long time knew, that the man wants – to him “only it also is necessary” .

So sometimes forget about making love and just have sex with him .

Is it necessary to summarize?

If you carefully read the material in this article, you probably already knew what the man wants . He :

  • – needs your attention, gratitude and affection;
  • – wants to be important, necessary, strong, irreplaceable;
  • – has emotions that he needs to release from time to time;
  • – wants to be next to a beautiful, healthy and, most importantly, a loving woman.

I will be very happy if, as a sign of the usefulness of this article, you will leave your gratitude below in the comments!

Also write what advice from the psychology of men you use to show him how you love him and trust him.


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