10 terrifying facts about lack of sleep

Lack of sleep has a striking impact on every aspect of health in the long run.

It is common knowledge that lack of sleep can have a significant impact on our current well-being and health.

But new research finds that its consequences for ourselves in the future are even more frightening.

Studies have shown that what we do for our mind and body, when we are stingy about sleep, not only affects us at the moment.

The consequences of this are long-term.

1. Accelerated skin aging

The researchers found a relationship between lack of sleep and premature skin aging, which manifests itself in the following symptoms:

weakening of the skin, decreased elasticity, uneven pigmentation, more wrinkles or fine lines, sagging cheeks and eyelids.

2. Influence on the brain

Chronic lack of sleep can be more serious than previously thought, and can even lead to irreversible physical damage and loss of brain cells. A relationship was found between lack of sleep and trauma, damage to neurons.

Losing sleep can actually lead to the loss of neurons.

3. Genetic changes

In 2013, scientists found that only one week of insufficient sleep resulted in more than 700 gene changes, including in genes that affect our immune system.

Lack of sleep can adversely affect us at the molecular level. And this, in the long run, will help us better understand the role played by lack of sleep in the development of diabetes, cancer, obesity, hypertension.

4. Increased risk of stroke

In 2012, researchers first discovered between lack of sleep and stroke, especially in those who did not have any other risk factors for developing a stroke.

People know how important diet and exercise in the prevention of stroke, is much less aware of the impact of insufficient sleep.

5. Reduced bone density

Lack of sleep has an impact on the development of osteoporosis and the inability to restore bone tissue as we age.

6. Increased risk of obesity

Restricting sleep leads to hormonal changes that can increase calorie intake and reduce energy expenditure, and ultimately lead to weight gain.

7. Increased risk of heart disease

Not only is there an increased risk of stroke, but an increased risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease due to loss of sleep.

A study covering eight countries found that people who sleep less than six hours a day are 48% more likely to develop heart disease or die from heart disease.

8. Increased risk of cancer

A relationship was found between lack of sleep and the development of aggressive breast tumors in women.

Another study indicates that men suffering from lack of sleep are 60% more likely to develop prostate cancer.

9. Forced early retirement

Lack of sleep increases the likelihood of early retirement due to health or disability.

10. Premature death

Finally, studies indicate a link between lack of sleep and mortality.

The researchers studied more than 1,700 men and women and found that men who slept less than six hours a day were more likely to die than those who slept more, even with variables such as weight, alcohol and tobacco consumption, the presence of diabetes mellitus And hypertension.

For women, this study did not find that they are at a higher risk of mortality due to lack of sleep. The authors of the study say that it is necessary to study a longer follow-up period in order to better understand the risk of female mortality, as it relates to lack of sleep and insomnia.

Is there good news?


The good news is that for many of us, the amount of sleep is the choice that we make ourselves.

We have one more thing that we want to do before we go to bed, or one more letter to which we want to answer, or else – one article that we want to write.

We hopes that this article will force you to change your mentality and change it to a healthier model for ourselves in the future. Another hour of sleep can:

  • Longer to maintain my working capacity before retiring
  • Let me feel and look younger
  • Keep my brain neurons alive and prosperous
  • Help me to stabilize my weight
  • Stay healthy and energetic

and hopefully will add years to my life.


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