10 rules that will help impress the man

I am sure that every woman has ever had the situation described below.

At some popular event (conference, wedding, party), you notice an interesting man and try to impress him. But after a few hours you go home, feeling rejected by the loser.

Why does this happen?

What did you do wrong?10 rules that will help impress the man

Was he bored with you or did you overdo it when you wanted to show yourself cheerful and funny?

While you recall similar situations from your life and try to understand their cause, I’ll tell you how to make a first impression on a man , so he eventually asked for your phone number and offered to go on a date.

To do this, you need to remember only 10 unspoken rules.

Stay calm

It is clear that to be emotionally low-key, when the next man you liked is not so easy. However, if you want to get an invitation to a date, you need to behave with a man so that he sees in you a riddle.

Your task is not to impress him, as a spectator, who came to a spectacular circus performance. It is necessary to interest him in a different way …

Seduce him intellectually

Making a good impression on a man is pretty easy, if you follow the 80/20 rule. With clever men, in most cases, it works at 100.

So, what do you need to do? In fact, everything is simple – 80% of the time listen to it and only 20% say it yourself and ask him questions.

Listen to a man’s picture

In this way, you show your interest to them and at the same time relieve him of the feeling that he is leading a monologue.

Why does this work? Because everything, absolutely all men like to talk about themselves and their achievements.

From time to time, give him ideas to continue the story about yourself. Ask questions about his work and hobbies, sports, movies, music. You will be surprised at the effect of such a model of communication.

Do not mention marriage and plans for the future

In your 20% of the conversation, in no case should not touch on the topic of marriage. This is a completely inappropriate topic when you try to impress a man .

Any mention of marriage can be regarded as the reason for which you are now acquainted with him. It will also be the reason why he wants to end the dialogue as soon as possible and retire.

It’s another matter if he himself asks about your plans for the future. Then mixed with “getting a diploma”, “finding a good job” and “making a kitten”, you can casually mention the desire to meet a soul mate. But you can not focus on this.

Do not tell me about yourself if he does not ask for it

When you try to make a first impression on a man , keep the story of your life to yourself. He should take the initiative in this regard.

If he asks about your hobbies, childhood, youth – answer. Briefly, without going into details. If he does not ask such questions, then so far it does not interest him. But do not be offended. Just everything has its time.

Listen carefully

I already mentioned that men like to talk about themselves. But even more, we like it when someone enthusiastically listens to these stories.

If you are not very interested in the information given to them, but you still want to continue acquaintance, you will have to pretend. Look into his eyes, nod your head, smile and laugh when it’s appropriate.

Sometimes ask surprised or ask simple clarifying questions. You can be sure, this behavior will definitely help to make a good impression on a man .

Do not mention your past relationship

A lot of people complain about their former acquaintances or on their first date.

And this applies to both men and women. But in fact, this is the worst topic that can only come up for discussion when meeting.

Talk about former photos

Of course, to impress the man , telling about his hard life and the “goat” that ruined your life, you can.

But it will not be what you want. Do not be surprised if the interlocutor starts looking for reasons to leave, if the conversation takes a similar turn.

Do not give advice and do not express your opinion until he asks

This is the most frequent trap, which girls come across when they try to impress the man .

If he talks about any situation and you really want to prove yourself an expert in this field and give advice, keep yourself in hand.

You can only express your opinion superficially. And then only if he himself will ask about it. Think for yourself, do you need advice from the person you see for the first time in your life?

Touch it

Touch the back of his hand, touch the shoulder or lightly touch his hand. But only once! It will be a restrained signal that he is interesting to you, like a man. But if there are many such gestures, he can understand this as an invitation to go to your house and get to know each other.

Therefore, if your goal is not a one-night relationship, “keep horses”. One or two unobtrusive touches for the evening. Not more.

Do not show interest in the material

I understand that you are tired of men who live with their mothers or are simply “beggars.” But the first conversation is absolutely not the right time to discuss his income and property.

So you can make an impression of a girl who is looking for a “daddy”, which will suit her life. Just focus on what you like. And let him understand this.

Flirt, but do not flirt

Remember the line between flirting and frank flirtation. What are you trying to impress a man ? If you appear in his eyes as a dissolute girl, this you will remain in his memory.

In this case, more than a one-time sex you cannot count. But I understand correctly, is your goal a long- term relationship?

Never forget that you have only one opportunity to make a first impression on a man.

Follow the rules described in this article to achieve the desired result. If everything works out and he wants to continue his acquaintance, you may need help with how to behave correctly on the first date and subsequent meetings.

But this is a completely different topic, which is best discussed in person. Come to the “Way of a Woman” to learn even more secrets that will help not only to make a first impression on a man , but also to attract and hold him.


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