10 Reasons Why You Love Him

Why do we fall in love with a string of different meetings and acquaintances into one person, who later becomes the meaning of our life?

What kind of force makes us stop and say sincerely to ourselves and the whole world – “I love him”?

Perhaps, our elect seems to us an ideal, and maybe we want to create a family with him and live the rest of life together.

As a rule, if love settles in your heart, you are no longer interested in particulars and details.

You love and do not even think about why this feeling took possession of you.10 Reasons Why You Love Him

However, if you try to study the anatomy of love, it turns out that she has quite tangible and concrete reasons.

Why do you love your man?

1. He loves you for who you really are

The process of acquiring the heart of a man you like is very similar to a theatrical performance. To a man fell in love with us, we try on the role of a fatal woman, a war friend or sister of mercy.

However, sooner or later any performance comes to an end and we have to remove the mask, remaining itself.

And if at that moment you understand that your chosen one loves you, regardless of your mood, state of health or appearance, you certainly will fully appreciate the sincerity of his attitude towards you.

2. You have the same sense of humor

Life is too complicated to take seriously. However, a healthy sense of humor allows you to overcome any troubles and adversities.

If a man is able to make you laugh and make you look at any situation with optimism, he can earn your love.

3. He respects you and your opinion

Respect for the partner’s opinion is an important part of love.

When a man listens to your words, is interested in your views on this or that situation and approves your choice, this greatly increases self-esteem, which in turn helps you to feel an interesting person.

4. He cares for you

You probably know that your chosen one loves you. However, it is not enough to know about love, because it must also be felt. And you can feel the love of your partner only thanks to his care.

Cooked breakfast, a meeting with work, a bouquet of your favorite flowers without a reason – all this at first glance seems a small addition to the relationship. But in fact, it is these little things that strengthen feelings and fill them with romance.

5. You feel safe next to him

If, while being close to a partner, you feel complete peace and pacification and, besides, you are sure that he is able to protect you from any adversity and trouble – this is love.

So it was led by nature – on a subconscious level, we choose our partner in life on the basis of whether we feel security while being near it or not.

6. He does not encroach on your personal freedom

No matter how strong love is, every person needs his personal space.

If a man does not mind your periodic meetings with friends, going to beauty salons or wanting to be alone, appreciate him for respecting your freedom.

7. He is not afraid of responsibility

It does not matter how gender roles are distributed in your family. Perhaps, it is you who are the leader in your union and can easily solve any problems.

However, when these problems become too much, a man simply must shift the burden of responsibility to himself and take the place of the head of the family.

In the opinion of psychologists, no matter how strong a character a woman possesses, each of us is capable of truly loving only a responsible, reliable, determined and determined man, who is able to answer for his actions.

8. Do you have the same attitude to the family?

Marriage is the logical conclusion of the novel. But it turns out that marriage is not a completion, but only a beginning. The beginning of family life, the construction of life and long lapping to each other.

Probably, a truly happy family is created only by those couples who consider it their own meaning of life. It is very difficult to keep a love for a person who has opposite views on the most important things for you.

9. He changed your life for the better

In psychology, there is an interesting test that helps you understand your feelings and determine whether or not you really love your chosen one.

To do this, it’s enough just to answer openly to yourself the question – did your life become better after you met your partner. However, improvements should relate not only to material benefits, but also to your inner well-being.

If meeting with this person has radically changed your life and you like these changes, moreover, it seems to you that before this meeting you lived somehow wrongly, boring and senseless, which means that you have something to love your partner for.

10. You can not imagine your life without it

True love does not just take up any part of our life, but becomes life itself.

It does not matter how much you know, are married or not, you love this person simply because he is. And you do not even want to imagine your life without it.

The book “100 reasons why I love you” . There are many more reasons that make you love.

However, true love always appears unreasonably.

You love your chosen one only for the fact that he gave you the opportunity to experience this bright feeling.


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