10 reasons to stop looking for the perfect man!

You can actually think that there is an ideal man, or unconsciously try to find a beautiful prince, but this rarely ends well.

On your way there can be many obstacles: from unrealistic expectations to missed opportunities.

If you are living in the real world and don’t just in dreams than you are the best and if you want to get out of the dreams and live a real life then you need to read this guide.10 reasons to stop looking for the perfect man!

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth stopping to look for an ideal and reconsider your attitude towards men.

Whether you believe in a beautiful prince or not, that’s how you can destroy relationships yourself in search of a person who does not exist.

So, let’s read it our:

1. Your expectations can be overestimated

Even if you were lucky enough to get rid of the children’s beliefs about “They lived happily ever after,” romantic comedies could form high expectations for you when it comes to the man with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life.

If any guy does not suit you, it can be a sign of inflated demands.

2. You are not ready for what you want

One of the most obvious reasons why you are still looking for an ideal may be that you do not want what you really want.

Even the happiest relationships require compromises, and you may not be ready to accept that the guy reading your thoughts simply does not exist.

3. You try too hard

If you focus only on the love life, you can destroy the relationship with the ideal man, even if you meet him.

Do not be afraid for some time to be alone and work on other important spheres of life. If you too want to be with a man, it can just scare him away.

4. You expect him to make you happy

Disney cartoons and romantic comedies formed the feeling that as soon as you meet the right person, everything at once will straighten itself out. This is more than naive.

If you are waiting for a knight in shining armor, which will save you and settle all the problems, you are clearly not ready for a relationship. And this is another reason to stop looking for an ideal

5. You ignore close people

Friends and family give a lot of emotions, but when you are focused on finding the ideal partner, you just can not get them.

Happy people are attached to relatives, so instead of wasting time for depression because of the lack of an ideal partner, meet with close people.

6. You are looking for him for false reasons

If you think that being lonely is bad, and jealous of friends who have a stable relationship, you should stop looking for the perfect man.

The love of your life is unlikely to appear if you are just afraid of being alone.

7. It will not make you whole

One of the most serious mistakes in finding the ideal may be the expectation that it will fit your ideas and will never disappoint you.

Even if you believe in a soul mate, you should understand that the relationship requires effort , and love alone will not help you feel whole, at least after the honeymoon.

8. You can spend your energy on something more useful

The most important reason to stop looking for an ideal is that you do not devote enough time to a career and education if you completely focus on the love life.

Work on yourself, learn something new, and you can offer more to your partner when you meet him.

9. You can find love unexpectedly

If you think that you know everything about your ideal, you are likely to be disappointed.

Dating with people who go beyond your usual type can bring new experiences. Ideal may not be what you think it is.

10. You must focus on meeting the ideal right now.

Stop looking for the ideal to become happy here and now. Pay attention to the person who is ready to be with you at this point in time.

Even if he is far from ideal, if he can make you laugh, respect and appreciate you, then you have a good relationship.

Because, its all what you even can’t get from your ideal but that one person can give you happiness of the life (the real life).

Just be clear and know who is the perfect fit for yourself and who is loving you from the bottoms of his heart.


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