10 Reasons: It’s Totally Fine To Never Get Married!

Dreams of a happy day, when you can wear a white wedding dress, excite the female imagination from the first read fairy tale, ending with the phrase: “And they lived happily ever after”

Many of these dreams become a real life goal for which you can turn any mountain.

However, having grown up on fairy tales in which the history of lovers is delicately cut off by the beautiful phrase “Happy end”, many do not even think about what happens next, after the happiest day in life?

As you know, in reality everything is not as rosy as in fairy tales, so if you are obsessed with wanting to get married quickly, try to forget about your dream for a minute and just think – how do you see the future family life?10 Reasons: It's Totally Fine To Never Get Married!

Unfortunately, most divorces are due to the fact that very often the decision about the wedding is made by people under the influence of emotions and well-known stereotypes, and not by the voice of the heart and mind.

Therefore, until you have committed a fatal mistake, think, maybe the dream of your life is not as important as it seems?

So here is your guide to top 10 reasons not to get married and learn why its totally fine for you:

1. And only death will separate you

When people marry, they hope that they will live together until the end of their days.

At first, love for the whole life seems very romantic and sublime, but it takes a year or several years, after which a bitter realization that in your life there will be no romantic dates, reckless love and raging passions, will continue to flow into your thoughts.

2. Each year the shortcomings will only worsen

If you realize that there are shortcomings in your elect that irritate you, do not expect that after the wedding they will magically disappear.

Rather, on the contrary, with age, shortcomings will only worsen, and you can not correct them, because the character of a person can not be changed.

3. Life without adventures

Family life is often compared to a quiet pier, in which two loving people find their peace. Indeed, life after the wedding for many becomes like a pier, in which there is no place for adventure, adventurous deeds and freedom.

From now on, you will not be able to dispose of your life on your own; Even an innocuous country weekend with friends of many husbands is perceived as an unacceptable luxury.

4. Decreased sexuality

According to statistics, about 90% of couples notice a gradual decline in sexuality. At the same time, every year the need for intimacy will only decrease.

5. Men are becoming meaner

To win a woman he likes, men usually spend a lot of money, showing us their generosity. However, after the wedding, when the main goal has already been achieved, the expense item, intended for courtship and pleasant surprises, is sharply reduced.

If you belong to the category of shopaholics, you will have to say goodbye to your cute habit. Thoughtless spending is unlikely to benefit the family budget.

6. The romance disappears

If at the beginning of a relationship, romance is that magical thread that gives your love a halo of elevation, then in family life it often becomes an unnecessary addition.

Instead of romantic walks, going to restaurants and discos, both of you will be forced to deal with family matters, especially when you have children. You, of course, will rest together, travel and spend time in nature, but very soon this will turn into everyday life.

7. You will less communicate

According to statistics, the spouses spend each day on communication with each other no more than 20-50 minutes.

For many couples, the lack of communication is provoked by a heavy workload at work, as well as family responsibilities, which take a lot of time.

But at the same time, many married couples with experience point out that they simply do not have anything to talk about, except for family problems.

8. You will begin to quarrel more often

In the period of romantic relations, as a rule, both partners try to do everything to prevent conflict situations.

However, plunging into family life, it is very difficult to constantly compromise and restrain your emotions, so do not expect that family scandals will bypass you.

9. You will have to reckon with his relatives

Perhaps you do not have a relationship with someone from the relatives of your future husband.

Before the wedding, you can easily refuse to communicate with them, referring to employment or problems at work. But after the wedding, no matter how strong your dislike, you will have to communicate with them, invite them to visit and visit them.

By the way, your husband, too, may not like your loved ones, and you probably will be angry.

10. Disappears in love

Some believe that marriage destroys love. This statement is quite controversial, however, with certainty it can be said that marriage destroys love – that feeling that once inspired, gave strength and was the main meaning of life.

Family life a little smoothes raging passions, transforming them into a habit and mutual respect.

Family life is fraught with many more small and large problems that you will have to face.

However, if you truly love a person, you will not look for reasons not to marry him, rather, you will agree to be with him even against all existing problems in the world, and therefore all the disadvantages of family life are compensated with pluses.


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