10 Golden Rules on How to Build Strong Relationships

If there was an unequivocal answer to this question, humanity would have been happy a long time ago, lived a calm, humming life, knowing neither troubles nor obstacles.

Indeed, how great it would be if we were given a recipe for a proper relationship building at school together with a certificate of maturity?

Like take a half kilo yourself, add a pinch of passion, sprinkle with love and affection, then mix it with trust, understanding, and patience, and on the output, you will receive countless kilos of strong relationships!

But this, of course, is impossible and every person, independently, by trial and error, forges his own happiness!

All of us with extraordinary zeal, patience, tirelessly, on bricks, day and night, build our relations.

Sometimes this process seems unusually difficult. Nothing in life is given for nothing. To get something, you need to make maximum efforts, and it’s not a fact that in the end, you will get it.

And in such a difficult matter as building relationships with a loved one, in general, one should be especially persistent and hardworking. It’s like a job, only here a working day lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without days off, holidays and events.

A tempting prospect, is not it?

Although, if you competently approach the issue of building relationships, you can achieve collateral results.

Perhaps, there is no unambiguous answer to the question of building strong relationships, but the methods that will help to achieve harmony with the beloved, still exist.

Yes, of course, they are not universal and are not suitable for everyone, but some of them each can, try on.

So, let’s look at these methods:

1. Trust your loved one

Trust is the basis of any relationship. It’s like the foundation of the building. There will not be a solid foundation – it will collapse. Whatever one may say, do not do this – the result is one.

And it is not in your favor.

Therefore, if initially, you do not trust the young man or he does not trust you – do not waste your and his time in vain, do not try to build a relationship, nothing will come of you. This is an axiom, an indisputable fact, proven and proven not by one generation of lovers. When relations of trust go away, everything else slowly falls apart. If everything is in order in your relationship with trust, you are lucky!

Take care of it as the apple of the eye, do not lose it. Do not undermine the belief of another person in you and give reasons for doubt. If a loved one trusts you, you do not need to test this again, then you will hardly be able to earn his trust again.

Cherish this feeling and your relationship will be strong

2. Respect!

Respect is also one of the important components of a strong relationship. What kind of relationship can there be, if you do not respect your beloved? If you build a relationship with a person, not respecting it, first of all, you do not respect yourself and your choice. Especially do not tolerate disrespect for yourself from your loved one.

Self-respect, this is the only thing that can not be taken from us, so cherish them. Even if you quarrel with your loved one, try, never go to the person, insulting him. Choose the expression, expressing disapproval of the beloved. Remember the well-known saying: “The word is not a sparrow, it will fly out – you will not catch it!”, Just keep silent once more, until the emotions abate, and then, having calmed down, you can express your claims.

In the heat of things, you can tell a person a lot of superfluous words, for which you, perhaps, will be forgiven in the future, but the residue will still remain.

Today, forgive, tomorrow forgive, and after a while, the cup of patience will overflow, and you will lose your beloved man.

3. Understand the beloved

Of course, to achieve a full understanding of a man and a woman will never succeed. It’s not for nothing that they say that men have come from Mars, and women from Venus, so they speak different languages.

But it’s worth a try.

Try to just listen carefully to the man. When a man wants something from you, he speaks about it directly, unlike us – women. Note – directly, you do not need to try to hear something between the lines, men tend not to use hints, and specifically, state their desires. We are women, we can, saying “no” to mean “yes.”

A man says only what he really wants to say.

You do not need to look for a hidden meaning in his words. Unfortunately, or fortunately, most men are not verbose, so if you perceive that not very large amount of information that your beloved gives you, make the right conclusions, try not to think anything out.

4. Try not to make hysteria

Most men do not tolerate women’s tears and raise their voices. When a girl starts yelling so that the glasses crack, believe me, no man can stand it. At the subconscious level, they trigger an alarm, and the loved one wants to hide from you far away. It’s clear that we – women, sometimes it is not easy to contain emotions, but in order to build strong, harmonious relations, try to learn how to control yourself.

If in the heat of a quarrel you feel that you are about to break into a cry or cry, take a deep breath and count to ten.

This simple method will help you calm down and pull yourself together.

Some pairs use a word stop.

Choose a word that will indicate that it’s time to stop and stop the quarrel.

Every time you find out relations in high-pitched tones and feel that you are breaking down, just say loudly the agreed word, it will serve as a signal that it’s time to stop.

5. Talk openly about your feelings

If you have any incomprehensible questions to your man, talk about them always directly and openly.

Doubt in something?

Approach your lover and ask him to explain everything to you. Do not turn into a detective, trying in many ways independently to find answers to your questions.

Believe me: nothing good will come of it, you can imagine such a thing, that then you’ll be tired of taking it apart. Feel something wrong – talk about it directly. Just do not start your speech with the claims.

To begin with, tell your loved one about how you love him and how you would like him to do this and that, or to do so and so and so. Understand: frankness and honesty are much better than an understatement.

6. Do not limit the freedom of a loved one

You are together, you are a couple, everything is just wonderful and wonderful. But this does not mean at all that now you must constantly be with your young man 24 hours a day.

Allow yourself to rest sometimes from each other. Let the favorite go with friends on football, and you will meet with your girlfriends at the same time, relax, chat. These short breaks will certainly benefit you. You will have time to get bored one after another, and with pleasure, you will tell each other how you spent time separately.

Just do not let the young man alone with friends, do him a favor, and then interrogatively interrogate where he was and what he did. You release him of his own free will, and he is not obliged to account for every step he takes. Remember: the main thing is trust.

7. Respect his friends

Nobody makes you love his friends, but you should try to communicate with them at least politely. His friends are part of his life. Many were with him even when he knew nothing about you, either in your sleep or in your spirit.

Some girls, if they are not satisfied with the friends of their loved one, in every possible way try to forbid their man to communicate with them.

Do not do this, most likely, by this you will not achieve anything, but only make enemies in their person. The most correct and wise thing you can do is to try to please them on the contrary.

And then they will become your allies in the struggle for the heart of your man. But also try hard to make an impression, too, is not worth it. Men feel falseness, so do not overdo it. Just try to behave as naturally and freely as possible.

Be yourself.

8. His parents are sacred

Bite yourself on the nose that the mom and dad of the young man – it’s absolutely untouchable people. Never try to criticize them or displease them.

Deal with them.

There are no other options, just take it for granted.

9. Accept your loved one as he is

The most stupid thing to do is try to re-educate an adult. When you start building relationships with your loved one, you should notice all its shortcomings. It is foolish to hope that being with you in a relationship, the beloved will correct.

Do not fix it.


Do not wait for it.

People in the majority do not change and, entering into a relationship, each of us is an absolutely formed personality, with its own merits and demerits. If you initially did not like something in a person, think about it, but can you accept it and live with it all your life. If not, leave! Well, if you accept a person with all his faults, then you will have to accept this.

And perceive your beloved man as he is. In turn, you also have no sense in trying to somehow adapt to the ideals of another. Suppose, at first you will manage to wear a mask and Play the role of an ideal girl. But this will not last long.

Sooner or later you will get tired of it, and you will show your true face, not justifying his expectations. If you initially see that a person presents you with too high demands, which you can not meet, you should not deceive anybody and give false hopes. Just say that you are not ready to be what you want to be.

10. Find a joint lesson

Nothing brings people together like a common favorite. It will be great if you and your man begin to engage in a common favorite.

Do not necessarily make yourself fall in love with football, or demand that your young man learn how to embroider a cross, do what you really like both of you.

It can be a hobby for photography, swimming, cinema, music, anything.

Look for an occupation that will please both of you.

You will have new topics for conversation, and perhaps you will be able to consider in your favorite new faces.

And most importantly – sincerely love each other, no matter what!

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