10 Enemies of Love & How to Keep Love Alive After Marriage?

Sages often compare life in marriage with a road on which there are not only gifts but also obstacles (speed breakers).

The main problem is how to keep love alive after marriage?

Most people understand that a happy family life largely depends on the joint efforts of partners.

We read smart articles on psychology, analyze the history of family relations of friends and acquaintances and hope that our marriage will always be filled with love and mutual respect.

However, saving yourself from big mistakes, we run the risk of not noticing how our lives are filled with harmless, at first glance, harmful habits that can destroy even the happiest relationships.10 Enemies of Love & How to Keep Love Alive After Marriage?

Psychologists distinguish the 10 most common bad habits, which imperceptibly, but systematically destroy love in or after the marriage.

1. Dependence on television

Internet News, every evening broadcasting about the unstable political situation in the world, fascinating talk shows and serials become the background of family life.

Many couples, instead of devoting their free time to each other, spend it on watching TV and arguing about a particular situation. Another common problem is Internet addiction.

Many young spouses are so passionate about social networking, discussions on forums and Internet pastime that virtual life is gradually replacing the real. All this separates the couple from each other, destroys their emotional connection and affection.

2. Home way of life

When family life comes in a certain direction, many couples develop a habit of leading a home lifestyle. Why go to the cinema, if the same movie can be viewed at home?

Why spend extra money on a restaurant, if you can also cook a tasty dinner in your own kitchen? And, in the end, why dress up, if at home you can spend an evening in comfortable slippers and cozy pajamas?

However, often commonness becomes the main enemy of love. It’s unfortunate, but love lives as long as it is heated by bright emotions, fascinating adventures and pleasant events.

3. Work

An important aspect of our lives, because it is it that brings us a livelihood and enables us to realize ourselves.

However, when the work becomes so much that it imperceptibly seeps into the family life, do not be surprised if after a while you will notice that all conversations with the spouse are reduced only to working issues.

To successfully combine career and family, it is important to separate these two concepts. Work should take as long as required by your job description. All the rest of the time is for your family.

4. Neglect of appearance

Some women believe that husbands should love them as they really are.

Of course, all of us are attractive and without make-up, however, at least make a little effort to look better not only in society, but at home.

A man should see that you are trying for him, because it increases his self-esteem and gives motivation for new achievements.

5. Lack of attention

Excessive employment of household and work problems gradually makes us inattentive.

From time to time you forget to ask your husband how his work day went, to praise his new tie or to cook your favorite manna pudding.

It seems to you a trifle, because you know that you love your spouse. However, a man can not read your thoughts and lack of attention on your part is perceived by him as a lack of love.

6. Excessive jealousy

Jealousy is a natural and perfectly understandable feeling that arises in a person who is afraid of losing his love.

However, if mild jealousy does not do any harm, then jealousy, growing into a desire for manic control, becomes a destructive force.

Family life should be built on trust, not on suspicions and looking for problems where they do not exist.

7. The monotonous intimate life

If love was a dish, then passion would be the most important ingredient in it.

Unfortunately, the intimate life of many couples with experience often follows a monotonous, long-established scenario. Monotony leads to boredom, and boredom, as you know, kills all desire and, as a consequence, love.

To maintain the spiciness of feelings in marriage, it is very important to fill your life, including intimate, with emotions, novelty and experiments.

8. The habit of controlling everything

Some women believe that without their participation, husbands will turn into helpless babies, unable to even warm their own supper.

Perhaps you really know better how to run a family budget, plan a weekend and invite someone to visit.

However, the constant criticism and desire to interfere in their affairs do not cause anything in men except irritation. To the man was able to maintain self-esteem, as well as respect for you, give yourself a little relax and let him solve his male problems on his own.

9. Lack of common hobbies and goals

In addition to love, passion and everyday problems, the couple must necessarily be associated with some kind of joint passion, which gives moral rest and inspiration.

This, firstly, opens a lot of new topics for conversations, and secondly, stirs up interest in each other. In addition, for harmonious relationships, it is extremely important for many spouses to have common projects.

At some stage, a joint project can be a trip to the sea, buying a car, giving birth to a child, etc. The goal to which we aspire, gives us strength and makes us move on.

10. The lack of wording

Some people are laconic by themselves. This is due to the peculiarities of the psyche, character and upbringing.

In the taciturnity there is nothing wrong, however, if it is present in the marriage, it destroys the emotional closeness of the partners.

Spouses will not be able to understand and feel each other if they do not share their thoughts, experiences and conclusions.

These seemingly innocuous little things are in fact the main enemies of love in marriage.

Having eliminated all bad habits and accustomed yourself to listen to the mood and opinion of a partner, you can not only keep your love, but also make it even stronger and brighter than in the period of romantic dates.


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