10 dating rules that are worth breaking

There are many rules regarding dating that are aimed at finding a really suitable partner, but many of them are obsolete and do more harm than good.

That is we are here to give you the details about top 10 dating rules that are worth breaking to make your relationship last longer.

So instead of playing games, just be yourself, and your chances of a successful relationship will grow significantly.10 dating rules that are worth breaking

Here are the rules that are worth breaking if you really want to have a good time and ask the relationship a good start.

Let’s read them:

1. Avoiding “serious” topics on the first date

One of the traditional rules recommends not to discuss the discussion of serious issues on the first date, and this applies to politics, religion, and even the desired number of children.

If these are important for you, it is better to clarify them immediately. Just try to maintain a light tone of conversation and go to them in the second half of the meeting.

2. Sex on a schedule

Many have heard of such traditional rules: “no sex on a first date” or “sex on a third date.” Intimacy should depend on the establishment of communication. Non-binding sex can result in a wonderful relationship, and delaying the moment, just to follow the rule, is just silly.

No matter what you decide, make sure that the partner agrees with you, take your time, but do not delay because of the old-fashioned rules.

3. Refusal to meet again

Games will not be the best way out if you are looking for a deep relationship. If you respond with a refusal , believing that this is too frivolous, then the sense of it will not work.

If you want to meet, then agree to the partner’s suggestions, until they run counter to your own plans.

4. Avoiding conversations about former

One of the established rules for dating “no talk about the former” also needs revision. It is perfectly normal to mention a break or divorce if you do not dwell on this topic for a long time.

Concentrate on the lesson you learned from past relationships, and do not tell how unlucky you are with men.

5. Rejection of relations, if you did not immediately run a spark

If you believe in love at first sight, then, most likely, you will remain alone. The same applies to the belief that you only need to meet with those with whom you immediately felt the attraction.

If the first date passed normally and you have much in common: from a hobby to fundamental values, give the partner one more chance. Attraction can appear when you know each other better, but it is worth paying attention to even the smallest of its manifestations.

6. If he pays, he feels like a man

Some men feel humiliated, if they do not pay for everything, others will offend your unwillingness to divide spending. Therefore, this rule must be violated after the first date.

Do not attach importance to this, and if he pays for lunch, you can pay for drinks or coffee.

7. Calculation that condoms will be in the partner

Some things can ruin an evening for an instant, for example, after taking off your clothes, you may find that no one has seized condoms.

Do not expect that they will be with a partner, especially if you find it easier to find a place in your purse.

8. Always choose men of a certain type

Forget the rule that you agree to date only with those men who match the image of the beautiful prince from your imagination.

Even if you do not go on a second date with someone who is not in your taste, learn to focus on things like shared values ​​and emotional compatibility.

9. Do not expect that you are his only one after a certain number of dates

You can meet a person in a bar, online or with friends, but in any case, do not assume that you are his only one.

There are not a certain number of dates, after which the relationship can be considered serious, so if you want to practice monogamy, openly discuss it.

10. Do not rely too much on a third-party opinion

If you feel you need to consult your friend or mother, break this rule.

The opinion of the person you love is always important, but to begin with, establish a real connection with the partner.


As our duty we have done it here for giving you the real and to the point information, now its up to you how you apply them.

If you want more than you can ask us by commenting below. Thanks for the read.


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